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Work smarter by outsourcing your admin

Updated: May 2, 2018

So, you own your own business. You've got a great a product or service and you know your market, but the problem is there never seem to be enough hours in the day to make the most of your business, sometimes the best use of your time is to outsource ... That's where a freelance P.A. comes in #virtualPA.

A freelance P.A. can do all the things that an office based P.A. can do (part from make the tea!) but with only a fraction of the cost. You only need to pay a freelance P.A. for the work that you need doing, with none of the other associated costs like sick pay or holiday pay etc.

The kind of skills you can expect from a freelance P.A. are:

  1. Traditional P.A. services - correspondence, report writing, quotes, invoicing, paying invoices, online banking, diary management etc.

  2. Social media - this is often something that small businesses either don't have the time, or the knowledge to use fully. A freelance P.A. can prepare content, design and schedule posts for a number of social media channels in order to maximise your coverage, and generate interest in your business

  3. Advertising and marketing - a freelance P.A. can work with you to put together an effective advertising strategy, including creative briefs/working with designers, content, media bookings and more

  4. Project or event management - if you're struggling to coordinate everything for a project or event, a freelance P.A. can ensure that things run smoothly, on time and within budget

  5. Research - searching out that elusive product or gift, travel, competitor analysis and market research all come under the remit of a freelance P.A.

  6. GDPR - if you're unsure how to become GDPR compliant, a freelance P.A. can complete the whole process for you

Most freelance P.A.'s have skills above and beyond what I've listed here, so if your requirements aren't covered, just ask ...

I have put together a range of discounted start up pricing options. Get in touch to discuss your requirements;

07836 627084

This is me - Emily

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