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The will to succeed

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

During my 20 something years (yikes, can it really be that many?!?) as an employee in advertising, marketing and market research I was never one of those ultra driven, motivated career women. But now aged 43, and having set up on my own as a freelance P.A., I feel more determined than ever to make a go of my own Northumberland based business.

For me the drive to succeed comes from a few things:

  • the desire to provide for my family and be a good role model to them

  • the feeling of being able to say to myself ‘yeah, I’ve got this’

  • the knowledge that this time, if I earn it, I’m earning it for me

  • the ambition to be able to show my children that hard work, mixed with determination, and throw in a few skills along the way can get you where you want to be in life

  • the desire the be able to have a career that works for me, around my lifestyle and children

It hasn’t been easy though. I thought that a freelance P.A. would be a service so many businesses would want to use, and that may still be the case, but what I didn’t forsee was how hard it would be and how long it would take to get in front of those businesses.

In my experience i have found that networking isn’t the quick fix I hoped it might be. It’s a slow burner, which takes commitment, time and the right opportunity along with a confidence to ‘put yourself out there’ to be productive. But it is those driving factors to succeed that I’ve just mentioned which give me the motivation to overcome my networking fears and self confidence issues to try to approach each session with a positive attitude that something good will come from it, and it may not happen overnight, but I feel in my bones that one day it’s going to come good!

Get in touch if you'd like the help of a freelance P.A., to help you succeed in your business and get your work-life balance right.

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